What can you expect to find on Joesingkeo?

Joesingkeo is a personal blog page for COM210 class at the Washington State University Murrow College of Communication North Puget Sound. The author and student of this page is, Joe Singkeo. Joe is a returning college student after taking some time off. Although it’ll be a big change of lifestyle, Joe is committed on embarking in this new journey and invites you to follow his story.

As a proud native of Seattle, Wash., some of the things that Joe enjoys doing are supporting and developing advocacy to support local small businesses and their communities. Some of these points of interests may have been largely overlook because these businesses do not have large advertising budgets unlike their competition: larger corporations. Majority of the local small businesses showcased on Joesingkeo will usually be family owned and operated. The Joesingkeo blog site is passionate about these local gems and believe that they are the key representation of a thriving community.

This blog page is designed to give its audience a glimpse into the world of Joesingkeo and the places he supports. Regardless of Joesingkeos’ ties to the Pacific Northwest, readers can expect to find unbiased reviews, information and suggestions about but not limited to local businesses, restaurants, events, as well as city parks and other public attractions that represents their respective communities. This site can be found useful and/ or entertaining to anyone whom may share the same interests or just curious as to see what Joe’s Doing

Occasionally, Joesingkeo may feature blog posts about places of interest outside of the area. Joesingkeo may also feature local sports, news pertaining to local businesses and collaboration work from other authors within his network.

So if you’re interested joining me on this adventure, please hit the like button and don’t forget to follow (down below).


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