Washington State University Everetts’ Beginning of the Year BBQ

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Beginning the year at a new school is not always easy for everyone. Meeting new people, remembering names and adjusting to new schedule can be difficult for some. But not for the Cougs at WSU Everett. The Associate Students of Washington State University Everett (ASWSUE) kicked off the 2015 year by throwing a barbecue to welcome all the students at Legion Memorial Park nearby campus.

Although the weather was indecisive, we managed to have a good time regardless of the weather. This was a great opportunity to mingle with our fellow classmates and well as our fellow schoolmates from the Mechanical Engineering department and Hospitality Business Management departments. Students even got the opportunity to meet and do a short “Q&A” session with candidates running for class senate and the executive student body.

Although I would have liked to have seen all the WSUE Cougs there, not everyone could make the event. Nonetheless, I had a good time meeting everyone that did make it. Being a new student to the campus and area, I am excited to see what this semester and school year should bring. I look forward to more WSU events and meeting more great people. GO COUGS!


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