Narrative Graphic Collage Final Draft

This is my finished product for my Com210 collage assignment. What do you think? This collage is about me, Joe Singkeo. In my collage I decided to express the significance of how important family and surroundings play an important role in who I am. I did not want to make it too simple by merely layering a few photos. I wanted to challenge myself to integrate the multiple foreign layers, by blending and refining the edges and lighting to achieve visual unity and cohesiveness.

I feel good about the results from the methods that I used in creating my collage. Since the collage was about me, there was a lot of important personal factors that I wanted to include. My collage consisted of seven photos that I intended to use in my collage. The photos were chosen to represent my family, pride for my city, my school, and my hobbies.

Upon finishing my first draft, I was happy with the visual unity and cohesiveness of the collage, however I was unhappy with the message I was getting. One common denominator from the comments left by my peer editing group and my Teacher Aide, Jared, was that the collage was “too busy” or cluttered; which I agreed with 100%.

I immediately began to think of ways to alter key pieces of my collage without altering the message by using some of Gestalts Theories. The Gestalt laws easily translate into a set of design principles for information displays: proximity, similarity, connectedness, continuity, symmetry, closure, relative size, and common fate (Ware 2005, p. 189).

The hardest part for me, was to minimize the amount of products that I wanted to incorporate into my collage yet be able to tell the same story that I originally intended. I found that by understand the background and the foreground first, this would give me a better perspective of sizing. In order to achieve this, I had to crop and blend an obstructive tree that was in my foreground. To give the collage closure, I added a half inch black frame.

After this, I experimented with Gestalts’ Law of Proximity and Continuity, to determine the size and flow of my collage piece. I made the photo of my family proportionate and moved it all the way to the right. By lining up the photo from left to right, it allowed me to eliminate the clutter without having to remove any pieces. In theory, if all my photos lined up properly in their respective sizes and within proximity, it would convince the eye and mind to have total unity. To top it all off, I added the quote from Princess Diana, of Whales. I like her quote because it sums up my collage with the least amount of words. Sometimes less is more.

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