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For my draft logo project, we had to use Adobe Illustrator to create a logo(s) using vectors. The reason we use vectors instead of bitmap photos is due to the scalability. If you’ve never used Illustrator, it can be very complicated. Unlike, Adobe Photoshop, you cannot just import photos and manipulate them. After watching the tutorial and reading about the history of logos, I began to build a familiarity of why logos are made.

I started off by doodling and sketching some rough ideas on paper. I found that this was a good way to get my ideas immediately on paper than trying to get it on screen. As soon I narrowed down what I wanted to do with my logo, I began making shapes on Illustrator that resembled my logo ideas.

When deciding to design my logo, I begin to think about meaning and metaphors. Because this blog site is about me, I wanted to make a potential logo that I may use someday. I thought about the things that I enjoy and branding myself or even possible business ventures. I originally, came up with three logos: Global Travels, Joe Communications and Singkeo & Sons Contractors.

My first one was the “globe” in Global Travels. I made a 2D globe, however I was not satisfied with the image. I decide to look up how to make a 3D globe- to make it stand out more. I found a Creative Common world map image and went on YouTube and found out how to create my 3D globe image. I then decide on my text layout. Originally, it was supposed to be Singkeo Travels, with the “o” being the globe. I did not like the fact that there was too many letters. I then went back and subtracted the “Travels” to limit the number of text involved. I still did not like there being too many letters, so I took my last name out and put on “GLOBAL”. I also did not like that it didn’t shout, “Traveling” or “Flying” to me. I then added the airplane and stream behind it.

Currently, I am not sure which I should go with for the assignment. I am leaning towards GLOBAL because that is something I really enjoy and have thought about for a business idea. I feel that if I do go with Global, I will need to tweak the lettering. Although I want a good looking logo, I also want simplicity.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas. Please feel free to leave a comment below. I appreciate your thoughts, and any suggestions you may have on how I should take my next steps in improving my logo. Thank you and don’t forgot the like and follow.


7 thoughts on “Draft Logo

  1. stefanielehman says:

    Hi Joe!

    I wanted to start my comment with the positives I see in your logo. I really appreciate the realistic look of the earth and the movement the plane with air stream creates. It really helps guide the eye across your logo.

    Two areas of possible critique would be to perhaps space your letters a bit closer together in order to over-lap and combine them? One of the qualities I look for in a good logo is use of positive and negative space (figure-ground) in order to have your logo stand out. Perhaps using another font that allows for slight overlapping would help achieve and make it look less spaced out. Another observation I made was that your image of the earth and plane/air stream might be strong enough to stand alone as your logo. With that you can add your full company name and text underneath.

    Great logo!
    Stefanie Lehman


    1. joesingkeo says:

      Thanks for the reply Stephanie, I think you make some valid points. I will try implementing you suggestions and see how they work! Please Like and follow so you can come back and see my final logo.


  2. bretadkins says:

    Hey Joe, I enjoyed reading through your blog – I have an nearly identical picture of me ‘holding up’ the same fallen tree on the Lake Serene trail.

    I’m digging the globe concept – it looks like it took a bit of time to build and you did a great job with it. As far as ideas for improvement, I think the text could use some adjustment – it might be a little too plain, or maybe it just needs some color – but I think it could stand out a bit more. Secondly, from a balance perspective, my eye is drawn to the ‘BAL’ part of the logo for some reason. I’m thinking that that might be the plane graphic. I wonder if using the plane and its trailing line as a way to underline the entire ‘Global’ word might help with that. You might also be able to get ‘travels’ back into the logo that way as well. All in all-awesome job and I bet the final will turn out great.



    1. joesingkeo says:

      Thank you for the comments on the logo, Bret. I did spend more time than I anticipated for each logo. I also agree with you that the text needs some “tweaking.” I will try some of your suggestions to experiment, however I may leave out the “travels” because its too much text. I appreciate the kind comments.

      p.s. Always glad to meet another hiker. Lake Serene has always been one of my favorite hikes in the PNW.


  3. brittanyc says:

    Hello Joe! It looks like you’re possibly leaning towards the Global travels logo? I like that logo draft, but I also like the logo draft for Joe communications.

    To me the communications logo is easy to understand and I like the use of the grey and silver colors. I would change the shape of the boxes for your name in that logo and maybe make them all one size instead.

    The Global travels logo is also very nice! The picture of the globe, with the text, and the airplane all make sense. I think they all look nice together. I think the picture of the globe is a little bit too big. If you were going to go with that logo and keep using the text I might make the globe the same size as the text. Spacing between the letters was mentioned and I can agree that they might look better placed a bit closer together. The other thing that caught my eye was the size of the plain. The size of the text on my logo draft is something that I’m thinking about too, and I think if the size of the plane could be made into something larger it would help out in the long run if the logo would be used and resized. The other small thing would be instead of placing the beginning of the line behind the plane coming from the first letter L it might look even stronger if it was coming from the world.

    I hope you are able to choose! Great job!


    1. joesingkeo says:

      Hi Brittany,
      Thank you for taking the time to peer review my draft logo. I am leaning towards the “GLOBAL” design. The reason the boxes in the communication logo are different sizes because it resembles the reception bars for communication devices. As far as the GLOBAL design goes, I wanted the globe to stand out more than the text because of the symbolic importance in the logo. However I appreciate the suggestions. Don’t forget to like and follow, so you can come back and see the finished product.


  4. joesingkeo says:

    Self Evaluation

    I enjoyed creating and drafting all of my logos and hearing back from my peer review group. After getting feedback from my TA and peers (Thank you), I feel a lot better going with the “GLOBAL” design for my final draft. Although I was already leaning towards that design, it was good to see others perspectives.

    I think my peers evaluated my draft logo fairly, keeping an attention to detail. I appreciate all their time and efforts in looking over my initial draft. I will take into consideration a few of their suggestions to see how it would change the effects of my logo. Although I liked their ideas and perspective some of the suggestions did not resonate well with the artistic message that I had in mind. One of my peers mentioned adding more text to make my logo’s message more clear, however I would like to rely on less text rather than more.

    For my final draft, I plan to work on the word design and letter placements to get the most artistic value from the text that I chose to include in my logo. I plan to experiment by relocating, re-sizing and trying different fonts in order to see how my logo can be improved. I would also like to consider background and foreground when rearranging the text and images to see if it will give more depth to my logo design.

    My main strategy for my final draft is less is more. I will strive to keep the image as abstract as possible while maintaining the message. I feel a lot better about my logo now than when I began using Illustrator. This was mainly due to my abilities to recreate my hand drawing on the digital platform. Wish me luck and come back to check out my final draft.


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