Final Logo

My final logo, is finally done! I feel really good about my logo. I took a few of my peer’s suggestions, along with my own and was able to recreate my final draft. I originally had “GLOBAL” in draft, with the “O” being the globe. One of my peers suggested that I removed my text, and I agreed. To me, a logo should be able to stand on its own- it’s abstract yet objective. After removing all of the text, I had the globe, the airplane and its streak. I knew that I wanted to keep these because they were my inspirations to my logo idea (Travel).

Working with the backbone of my design, I slowly started to rearrange new text in, out, around and behind the globe. I tried different opacities, fonts, colors and characters. I moved the plane and the streaks as suggested by a peer, yet still I was still not satisfied with the image. It was incomplete.

It wasn’t until I placed the “G” from “GLOBAL” right smack in the middle of the globe that I saw the ring of the letter that reminded me of a globe stand. Bingo! That was my next step. So, I stretched and played with the font and character until I found the correct match, where the “G” was just cupping the globe. Once I finished that, the airplane and streak did not look right. So I ungrouped them, and then unified the plane and streak as one color and object. I even angled it up higher, making it look like it was flying outside of the globe.

I found that it was tough not to want to add more to my logo once I got to experimenting and refining. However, I decided to stick with my “less is more” theory. I remembered that I wanted simplicity, so after trying different text and color schemes, I thought if I just have the logo/ Icon, it could serve for a more purposes. This way, I could use it for more than one branch of the company if I needed to. This may also beneficial when branding apparel and marketing.

So…..What do you think? I am open to hearing what your thoughts are on my design and process. Please feel free to comment and share down below. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest works. Don’t forget to like and follow if you want to keep up with the latest from JOESINGKEO.

*I’ve included some of my other options of how my logo can be used.


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