Draft Video Assignment

I had a lot of issues with Adobe Premiere crashing on me and not exporting my full draft. This was an earlier version of my draft.

For my video draft assignment, I decided to change my story a bit from my original idea that was presented in the raw footage file. I am content that I wanted this video to be about me, Joe Singkeo, and the importance of “family.” I chose to focus on one topic because of the time limitations set by the prompt. I chose to stick to the story about me and the importance of “family” because I want my audience to get to know me. And because our reality is a social construct, we all have different meanings of the word “family.” I call my video, “Joe’s Story.”

I wanted to show a chronological progression of my families. I wanted to integrate videos and its natural sounds, along with animated and still photos, music and less narration by me to tell my story. I have not decided where I want to add my narrative but it won’t be too much, maybe an introduction or an ending.

I do not want my voice to take away from the visual messages. I want my audience to picture themselves and their families, when watching my video. Again, because our realities are differ depending on our experiences, I want my audiences to find their own story within the context of my story.

Initially I used the butcher’s block technique, where I just placed all the raw footage that I had on the sequence, and then just started chopping and carving. However, I noticed that there was just too much, it became overwhelming. So I then separated the audio, video and the photo. Then I began to sift through this by categories to figure out what I wanted to keep or throw out.

When I got all the final video and stills footages, I lined them up in order of my story board. Then I started making my titles and title pages. I used various animated titles, rolling titles, crawling and still titles. I then proceeded to put animation into the still photos that needed it. Once done with all that, I went back and chose transitions for all frames of video, title pages, still photos and the audio. I made sure that they faded in and out for the appropriate duration of my liking. I used various transition to give each individual scene its uniqueness. I found that I prefer the cross dissolve, dip to black, paint splatter transition.

My problem that I have been running into is that I have too much content. There’s so much that I want to say but so little time to say it in. I realize that I need to continue to cut more footage out and only keep things that are absolutely necessary to the story telling. I also need to add a credit page. All of the photos and videos were shot by me. However, the music was found on a creative content site, freesound.org.

I hope you enjoyed my draft. If you do, please comment down below with your thoughts and any input that you might have for my next step. I will take them into consideration when working on my final cut. Thank you, and don’t forget to like and follow for future content.


0;00;00 – 0;10;00 – Slide show of me, Seattle, Singkeo Family.

0;10 – 0:14;30 – Video of Singkeo Thanksgiving.

14;30 – 17;30;00 – My Girlfriend, Melissa.

0;17;30 – 0;00;31 – My Cousins, long-time friends and Family Celebrations.

0;00;31 – 0;00;33 – Family & Sports Title Page and Melissa and I at M’s game.

0;00;33 – 0;36;30 – Video in Safeco Fields w/ fans singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

0;36;30 – 0;00;39 – Animated photo of Melissa and I on the Golden Glove (during video).

0;39;00 – 0;41;30 – Ending video shot with Safeco field signs in focus, and fans singing ends.

0;41;30 – 0;53;00 – Seahawks title page/ Photo montage and collage of my Seahawks Family.

Seahawks viewing party in the background.

0;53;00 – 0;55.00 – Belle by Nancy Title page.

0;55;00 – 1;03;00 – My Best Friend Nancy giving my nephew, Jeremiah, a haircut.

1;03;00 – 1;20;00 – Slide show of my nephew Jeremiah

1;20;00 – 1;24;00 – Bailey Gatzert Volunteer Family title page/ Me and My Boys photo

1;24;00 – 1;39;00 – Video of my students getting splashed at Wild Waves.

1;39;00 – 1;48;00 – Photo slide show of my boys from Bailey G. at Wild Waves.

1;48;00 – 1;55;00 – Title scene with WSU Everett Gray Wolf Hall in background.

1;55;00 – 1;57;00 – Photo slide show of fellow Cougs.

1;57;00 – 2;00;00 – Video of peers and professor at a PR firm in Seattle.

2;00;00 – 2;06;00 – Credit page.

0;00;00 – 0;32;00 – Freesound.org Music: Piano Love Song by ShadyDave

0;32;00 – 1;24;00 – Freesound.org Music: Hip Hop Beat by Jarex

1;37;00 – 2;06;00 – Freesound.org Music: Hip Hop Beat by StafBeats


6 thoughts on “Draft Video Assignment

  1. dduley17 says:

    Joe: I sure do understand about the frustration that is our computers. My issued was hardware not software. I lost my power supply early Friday and took two days to get to work. I have this visual story of your family. I am assuming the no music bed was because of the software crash. But please take this suggestion as it is offered. I don’t think you doing voice over would take away the beautiful journey you took me visually. I think it will give it that personal touch to put the video over the top. Technically, the transitions were great. the variety kept the over concept flowing. The captions help with the over story but again spoken work carries more power. I can’t wait for the finish product.

    David D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joesingkeo says:

      Thank you David for your suggestions, and yes the music and credit scenes, amongst other files were lost due to the files corrupting upon saving a later version of the project. I’m glad that you think the transitions are okay, many, including myself thought it was too fast. However, I am considering adding a narrative/ commentary. Thank you.


  2. jeanninechaney says:

    I like what you have so far! The whole thing would go together great and keep the viewer more engaged with some additional music. And I think that explaining your family a little bit throughout the video would help the viewer identify with you and your family a little bit better. Perhaps to cut some time you don’t need as many photos of your family. You send the message right away that family is important to you and I feel that it shows in the first handful of picture, sometimes adding too many can get a little redundant, like you’re over-sending the message. But just a thought! Also to save time, you could just focus on one form of family, instead of your family, friends, and school you go to. Too many topics would make it hard to fit in a tiny two minute segment. Other than that, I like the transitions that you have applied and it looks like you are on your way to a great final draft.

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  3. joesingkeo says:

    Thanks Jeannine. I was thinking similar ideas. I know I want to condense it and focus more on one or two ideas. This is part of me throwing it out there and seeing what my feedback groups and TA has to say. I appreciate your comments.


  4. tracyd says:

    You’ve got some great shots of yourself enjoying life with family and friends! I really like how you did the slow zoom into the pictures of Jeremiah. That caught my attention and brought an emotional element to those frames. The water park video was also really cool, I especially like how you slowed the video down during the splash and the sounds of the kids’s screams.

    As for critiques, I noted that around the 30 second mark there is a text frame that goes so fast I had to rewind and pause it there to read it. Also, quite a few of the pictures go by pretty quickly so I don’t have enough time to enjoy them. Maybe try to slow those frames down and choose which ones you want to use (I see you’re over the 2 minute mark). I saw there is a black frame around the 64 second mark. Did you maybe delete a photo from the sequence at that mark and forget to replace it?

    I saw in your blog that you wanted to let the pictures speak for themselves, but I was really missing a little low background music, especially during the first half. I like your sounds during the sports scenes and the waterpark scenes, but I am very partial to music because I think it really ties in the emotions of the scenes. Overall, great job!

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    1. joesingkeo says:

      Thank you, Tracy! I appreciate your thoughts on my draft. You made some valid points. I mentioned that this was an earlier version of my draft. My draft that I had intended to post was more evolved that this, including music, better transitions and some changes. However, that file got corrupted somehow during saving. So yes, the lack of music and back screens were missing. Nonetheless, thank you for the helpful comments and suggestions.


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