Final Video Story- Joe’s Family

I really enjoyed working on my final video assignment. I’m really passionate and thankful to have family. Princess Diana once said, “Family is the most important things in the world.” For many people, family could mean many different things. For me, family is my support system and my guidance. They include my immediate family, my relatives, my friends, my classmates and my mentors. Without these people in my life, I would not be who I am today.

It is fairly easy to build content quickly for a story topic that I am passionate about. I had a lot of footage that was able to film over the Thanksgiving break with my family and friends. However, that was part of the issue. I had too much of a story that I wanted to tell, but I was limited to only two minutes of film time. Not only was there a time constraint working against me, I also ran into technical difficulties with Adobe Premiere crashing on my computer. I really had to wrestle with the draft by having to go back and check each file, one by one, to see which file was corrupt.

After replacing the corrupt files, I sifted through my videos to find photos and videos that I could delete in order to narrow my focus. With the extra space, I then stretched some of the remaining content so that each frame had at least three seconds so that my audience could keep focus. I then added three different instrumental sound beds because I did not want the same music throughout the entire video. I used very little of my voice in the video because I wanted the video, photos and music to speak for itself.

I hope you enjoy my video story. I believe that there is no one definite message for this video, and please do not feel like there should be one. Although this is my creation, I want everyone to be open to having their own interpretation of what family means to them. If our reality is a social construct built by symbols and experiences, then our reality can be negotiated. Please leave a comment below and tell me what think, and “What does family mean for you?”

I want to thank my peer review groups and Teacher’s Aide, Jared Brickman, for their feed-backs and suggestions. It’s nice to have extra sets of eyes and ears to comb through my rough draft and make suggestions for improvements. I also enjoyed reviewing the work of my peers as well. This gave me different perspectives on how to tell my story uniquely. The constructive criticism from Jared, were upfront and in line with my critical thinking. I appreciate all of it.

For the people that liked my page and are following my blog, I will continue to update content about my college experience at WSU Everett, and I hope you do the same. If there’s anything you want to see on my blog, send me a message. Look forward to my next post.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful semester. Happy Holidays!

JOE’s Family Story Line


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