First Week of Spring Semester ’16

It’s 6:30 a.m., and the parking lot is empty on the Washington State University North Puget Sound campus in Everett (WSUNPSE or WSU Everett). I am an hour and fifteen minutes from my first class, and most likely the first student on campus. Sounds crazy, right? But yes, I wake up four days a week at 4:45 a.m. to start my 45 mile commute from Kent, Wash. to Everett, Wash. to go attend this awesome program at the Murrow College of Communication at WSU Everett.


Many of my friends, and fellow students ask me, “Why do you commute so far to go this school?” and “How come you didn’t just go U-Dub?” At first, I chuckled at this question because it sounded rhetorical coming from a fellow classmate. However, as began to investigate the framer of the question, I began to realize their puzzled point of view. It could be because we come from different backgrounds or due to the fact that I am older than your average college student, but I am running into some student who just “want this [college] to be over with.” Unfortunate as it may sound, there are students that are just in college because their parents are making them or because they want that piece of paper to show off to employers. My question is to them is, “What would you let stand in between you and your dreams?” Distances? This is my second semester at WSU Everett, and I can say that the commute is the least of my worries.

One of the many benefits of being a Murrow student. Networking at Edelman Seattle (Fall ’15) with Professor Brett Atwood, and fellow classmates: Ann J., Christina C. and Kevin L.

I could not be more content for creating an opportunity for myself to return to college and pursue my dream. At WSU Everett, we have dedicated faculty members that work collaboratively and in sync in order for the students to succeed. Each instructor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. I cherish every day that I get to learn from a unique group of expert instructors, in a unique program such as the Integrated Strategic Communication at WSU Everett.

2016-01-12 Ann and Marcus
My classmates and friends, Ann J. and Marcus G., waiting for class on day one of spring semester 2016.

As I wrap up my first week of the spring semester, I could not be more happy with the overall experience here at WSU Everett. It is a fairly new program, so there are some kinks to work out. However, I am hoping that being a part of all the growing pains is where bonds are created and the community is strengthen. Here’s to another exciting semester!


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